Online Class-for JCGP students

Dear Students....This is an initiative by the faculties of JCGP to help students study during the COVID-19 lockdown period. Hope you will make the fruitful use of the same. Please also note that we do not encourage digital divide among our students. For those students who cannot afford internet connectivity,laptops,PCs or even a smart phone,it becomes our social responsibility (faculties and students) to share these documents in hard copy or by other means as deemed suitable.

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Codes for subject wise login for students -

  • Physics Class -z3h5bso
  • Chemistry Class - yjrzjun
  • DETC-S6-Advance Communication Engg-jddgkrk
  • DETC-S6-Instrumentation & Control-7jnjitx
  • Analog Electronics-II- 6cu7oo4
  • DEE-S6-Professional Practice-IV-zv6e6uy
  • Mathematics Class - k6dgorg
  • DEE-S4-Transmission-Distribution of Power-zbui6tq
  • DLS-SEM-2-CLASS-vkjggqt
  • DEE S6-EIMT-CLASS CODE-xn6uojp
  • DEE S4-PPE-CLASS CODE-hgz4vus
  • DCE-S6-Google Classroom code - lxscwbf
  • DCE-S4-Google Classroom code - 3lgjsvt
  • DCE-S2-Google Classroom Code (Engg Drawing) - tlhm7oj
  • DETC-S2-Google Classroom Code (Engg Drawing) - 4jujzgx

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